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  A Quid
(10 minutes of creative verve to the value of £1 based on UK minimum wage £5.73 by Jonathan Lockwood) www.14-15-77.com
When Eccentric City gave me the commission back in April 2008 the world was a different place. Everyone was expectantly looking forward to the summer asking if this year Glastonbury festival would be a sunny one. Of course now we know it wasnít. BA lost 19,000 bags through terminal 5 and it was described as a shambles..
Today in the bath I was listening to dame Christopher Biggins on BBC London radio, advising his listening audience about their finances in the face of the current crisis over money. Yesterday I read how the comedian Hugh Dennis advised Ďdonít invest in anything you donít understand.í I found it fascinating to hear that we have come to a realisation that financial planning is best coming from a pantomime dame or a comedian in the absence of anyone taking responsibility for financial security.
... read on in a quid..